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There are some people who think that most things can be mended with a hit from a hammer (not mentioning any names!) but there are others who realize that other system utilities are available, maybe they’re not quite so satisfying, but ultimately much more productive!

Let’s take a look at a select few of them, although there are so many to choose from it’s difficult to know where to start. I know, I’ll start at the beginning, the desktop (well, it’s the first thing you see isn’t it?)

Desktop Utilities

ShortcutsMan v.105 is brilliant, a man to help with the shortcuts! It displays the details of all the shortcuts which are on your desktop or in your start menu, and any broken ones are painted pink. You can then select one (or even more) of the shortcuts and either resolve them, delete them or save the details to a file. What could be simpler?

MyUninstaller v1.66 is really an alternative to the usual facility in your add/remove programs section in Windows. It never ceases to amaze me how much rubbish we have installed on our computers, bunging them up and slowing them down for no apparent reason – I blame the kids but then, that’s what kids are there for!  Anyway, this gives you tons more information that the add/remove function doesn’t, so it does come in useful.

WinLister v1.13 shows a list of all the opened windows you have on your system. Some useful information is listed for each one, for example title, location, size, handle of window, name of program which created it etc. You can choose to hide this list, close or show only selected windows or save the whole list into an HTML file.

Password Recovery Utilities

OK, hands up who’s always forgetting passwords – oh, that’s just me then – anyway, you know how it is when you open up your password clue and then you still can’t remember, “name of first pet” – oh shoot, did I say it was Sally my dog, or technically it was Ringo my rabbit, but I still can’t remember! Anyway, all is not lost, there are some great password recovery utilities for people like me, but be warned, they are not to be used for finding other peoples passwords, that’s illegal!

MessenPass v1.35 – Instant Messenger Password Recover reveals the passwords for instant messenger applications on all of the following:

  • MSN Messenger
  • Windows Live Messenger (XP and Vista)
  • Yahoo Messenger (5.x and 6.x)
  • Windows Messenger (XP)
  • AOL Instant Messenger

plus lots more.

Protected Storage PassView v1.63 reveals all of the passwords which you have stored on Internet Explorer, POP3, Outlook Express and MS-Outlook. You can find your password by reading info located on the protected storage – cool!

ChromePass v1.15 makes it possible to view all passwords and user names which are stored on Google Chrome Web Browser(there’s a clue there somewhere!)

IEPassView v1.20 will reveal all of the passwords stored by the Internet Explorer browser (are you beginning to see how this works now?)

Web Browser Tools

IECookiesView v1.74 displays the details of the cookies which are stored by Internet Explorer on your computer. It also permits you to change the cookie content, get rid of any cookie files you don’t want and save the ones you do to a readable text file, you can find cookies, view cookies, in fact everything except eat cookies!!

IEHistoryView v1.51 reads the information stored on your computer in the history file, displaying a list of all the URLs you have visited over the last few days using your Internet Explorer browser. You can also choose to delete any selected URL addresses or save them. Don’t tell the kids (or your employees) but you can also snoop at what URLs they’ve visited on the computer too, if you have their permission to access their history folder.

MyLastSearch v1.45 scans through the history files and caches in the Web browser, and comes up with all of the search queries you’ve made over the last few days, with the most popular of the search engines – Yahoo, Google, MSN. It even gives you a table of the search term you used, the search engine, the time, the browser and the URL you ended up with.

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